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Our team at RHD Logistics would like to help ease any worries you have regarding Brexit and provide as much information as we possibly can. When sending goods (non docs) abroad Clients will have to fill out a Commercial Invoice which we can provide.

Another vital aspect of our clients to be aware of, will be commodity codes. These commodity codes are used to classify the goods being shipped by any one country, which has international recognition to any country that is a member of the World Trade Organisation (WTO).

This includes EU countries, which will help to ensure the smooth transfer of items in a new administrative model and allow clients to ensure their consignments remain complaint with HMRC this will also reflect on the custom duty & Vat Price.

For more information on Commodity codes please visit https://www.trade-tarrif.service.gov.uk/sections

One of the common questions we are getting is about the charges that customs are charging, the information we have been provided is as follows:

Vat charges 20% for goods over the value of £39.00.
Custom Charges are 0-25% for goods over the value of £135.00.