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Height: 4.8ft / 1.41m
Width: 5.6ft / 1.66m
Length: 8.11ft / 2.71m
Weight: 750 KGS


Mid-size Vans are very effective when dealing with jobs slightly bigger than the small van could handle.

For example, the dimensions of your job may fit in the small van but if you have more than one or two of those items going to the same address and you’re unsure on whether the small van will be able to take it then our Mid-size Vans are the best service for you. If you are still unsure the please phone us on the normal line (0207 700 9988) and the guys in despatch will advise you accordingly. Our Mid-size Vans cover all of London & UK.
This service can either be booked as a standard or priority. Standard will mean it may have other consignments on board therefore it may take a little longer to deliver. Priority means your consignment shall be the only parcel on board therefore it will go straight there with no stops on the way. Every job you book on this service is fully trackable through our online booking & tracking tool, to which you will receive a confirmation email on delivery.