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The motorbike services are similar to the pushbikes as they can’t be carrying oversized or heavy objects, but when dealing with distance there is no limit to which a motorbike can travel. The service we supply for sameday motorbikes covers all of London & UK. The motor bikes all have top boxes to which they can fit envelopes, packages, small boxes, small tubes etc. into, providing they aren’t too big and heavy. The best thing to do if you’re unsure on whether your job is small enough to go on a motor bike is to ring the office (0207 700 9988) and the guys in despatch will advise you accordingly. This service can either be booked as a standard or priority. Standard will mean it may have other consignments on board therefore it may take a little longer to deliver. Priority means your consignment shall be the only parcel on board therefore it will go straight there with no stops on the way. Every job you book on this service is fully trackable through our online booking & tracking tool, to which you will receive a confirmation email on delivery.